Ah, Flickr, how I have forgotten about thee as of late. I was reading the latest version of Macworld (via the iPad app) and I noticed a review of this app called Flickpad Pro. I enjoy the random browsing experience one can have on an iPad so I decided to give it a try.

Wicked cool. If you have an iPad I recommend the app.

The interface takes your photos, and your contacts as well, and puts them into a stack that you can arrange and tap on to ‘pick it up’ for a closer look. It’s kind of like that Microsoft Surface interface we saw years ago but didn’t seem to go anywhere. An intuitive interface lets you make comments and the like. I just found myself browsing through photos for the past ten minutes when I haven’t looked at Flickr in ages, simply because I didn’t care for the web interface.

I haven’t been posting many photos on Flickr lately but this app, coupled with my impending Verizon iPhone, has inspired me to do so again. I’m thinking I might try a 365 days project again. It keeps me inspired, when I remember to do it.

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It is a brilliantly sunny day in the Jtown and by this time next week I will hopefully be more motivated to share pictures of such beautiful days with you. Why?

Because I will have an iPhone again.

I should be wicked tired again but I’m not. I went to bed at a decent hour and without setting any alarms, I awoke at 0255 so I could pre-order my Verizon iPhone (it was available at 0300). Verizon was kind and had fired up the order site early so I placed my order, received a confirmation and went back to sleep.

Quite exciting.

Last year I was excited about my Droid and my options of things other than Apple, but then I realized that computing outside of Apple devices is work, and I must be getting old because I just want my stuff to work. Hence, my decision to return to the iPhone.

I could go on and on like the typical Apple fanboy that I really try not to be but instead I’ll just sit back and enjoy the rest of this lunch break in the sunshine.