Yesterday was World AIDS Day. Many websites were themed in red to commemorate the day. I was on a road trip and did not have the chance to mark this site the same way. I am slightly disappointed with myself over this.

As my friend dave tweeted:

“On this Worlds AIDS day, take time to remember those who have left us, and those that are still here to keep up the fight”

I couldn’t say it any better.

I have my Lenovo PC themed in PRODUCT (RED). The theme is carried over from when I bought the special edition of Windows Vista Ultimate PRODUCT (RED) a couple of years ago. I remarked back then that I liked the fact that Microsoft had a special edition of Windows Vista Ultimate out at the time and that I also appreciated that Dell had special editions of select computers that were also part of the project.

I wish Apple would do the same with a Mac. I know they have a couple of iPods in PRODUCT (RED), but I think it would be much better if they did the same with a Mac.

The debate still lingers in my head a year later. If I’m going to make a statement with my computer, it should be something that I believe in and something for the greater good. I want to make my impression *that* way.