Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written in my journal. A little over a week as a matter of fact. I didn’t mean for it to go on for this long, but life has been hectic. We are still in the “construction phase” of the bathroom project. Translation – the bathroom isn’t finished YET! We’ve been promised that it will be completed by Friday. After it’s done we’ll take the final pictures and I’ll post them on the site here so you can see what we started with and what we ended up with.

The new washer and dryer are allegedly being delivered tomorrow. They were suppose to arrive yesterday, but apparently the directions that the salesperson at Sears typed into the computer were missing the house number, so they didn’t know where to deliver it to. I guess they’ve never heard of calling for directions before. Oh well.

Last night Earl and I purchased tickets to attend Sylvia Browne’s lecture in New York in October. I am very, very excited about this. This year must be a “spiritual year” for us, because on Sunday we’re going to see John Edward in Providence, R.I. and now Sylvia Browne as well. My soul is resonating with truth these days as I read more and more about Gnostic Christianity. It’s absolutely wonderful. I haven’t felt this good, spiritually, in years.

I’m also feeling pretty physically fit. I’m not a jock by any means, but I’m feeling much better in this body. I began working out 3 weeks ago. I weighed 217 at the time. On Monday I weighed myself, even though I said I wasn’t going to, and I was shocked to see the scale say 199! That seemed like a very, very big jump. But I’ve received many comments about my gut being gone, or at least smaller. The ego enjoys the stroking, I will admit, but at the very least I feel better about myself. I look forward to keeping up the exercise regime.

Earl and I decided to donate our old computer to the gym. It’s a not-for-profit agency and they also have a tutoring center, so I’m sure the computer will be put to good use.

We’re looking forward to vacation. A week off beginning on Saturday – I’m very excited about that. We plan on going to New England this weekend, spending some time at home during the week and then going to Philly next weekend to visit Earl’s family. We haven’t seen them since Christmas, so we’re overdue for a visit. I’m going to be writing more journal entries on my Palm Pilot as we’re traveling. I always enjoy doing that.