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On the way home from work today I used my iPhone to dictate the following blog entry for transcription later on. I’m posting it as I said it to maintain the authenticity of my feelings on the subject of today’s New York State Senate vote on marriage equality.

Anyone that believes that the New York State government is for the people of the state of New York is under a sad misconception because that is not the case at all, as evidenced today by the New York State Senate’ decision to not pass legislation for Marriage Equality, extending marriage rights to ALL citizens of The Empire State. If put up for a public vote today, polls show that the over 50% of New Yorkers, both up and down state, would pass marriage equality. However, only 38% of the Senate voted that way. That is not a reflection of the will of the people and that’s what government is for, to represent their people. They are not representing the citizens of New York, they are representing their personal agenda. And because of this, New York State’s government, everyone in Albany from the governor all the way down, needs a complete overhaul. Everyone needs to be voted out and replaced. They’re not in it for our best interest, they’re in it for their own. They barely do anything and when they do, they screw it up.

I’m beg my fellow citizens of The Empire State to make smart decisions in 2010 and to start preparing for these big decisions today. Follow your local representatives and see what they’re about, learn about your state representatives and what they do and then vote with your heart, but more importantly vote with your mind on Election Day in 2010.

Marriage equality did not win today in New York State and that is very sad. This doesn’t negate, nullify or invalidate the undying love I have for my partner. It does, however, make me a second class citizen of the United States and of The Empire State. I question my relationship with anyone that knows the love I have for Earl and still believes that today’s state senate vote was a favorable one. Not only do I question anyone that believes that, I also have to say that I feel sorry for you.

As my e-mail jingled at me today at work, just moments after the vote:

Screen shot 2009-12-02 at 9.04.52 PM.png

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  1. I’m sorry for what happened in the NY Senate, and I’m especially sorry for that Senator who kept claiming he had the votes to get this passed. He’s lost all credibility now. I hope things change in the coming years.

    One good thing… at least NY did not bar it with a constitutional amendment. In Ohio, not only is gay marriage not allowed, but so is anything that approximates a same sex marriage, such as civil unions and domestic partnerships. In Ohio, even domestic abuse laws do not apply to same sex couples because to apply that law would require that they first be recognized by the state as having a domestic relationship. How totally f__ked up is that?

    New York still recognizes extrajurisdictional gay marriages, right? So in the short term at least gay couples can go get married in Conn. or Vermont or Mass. or even Canada and still be married in New York. But in the long term all those a-holes who voted no need to be voted out of office so true marriage equality can be passed.

    P.S. Why do New Yorkers hate Gov. Paterson so much?! I think he’s wonderful.

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