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I have grown tired of trying eat healthy. Strike that. I have grown tired of eating food that is marked “healthy”. Protein shakes, snack bars, fiber nuggets, low carb this, no fat that, here a calorie, there a calorie, calorie digits four. I don’t know what that last one was but it seemed like it fit the rhythm.

Why do we obsess about what we eat these days? Am I alone in obsessing about this sort of thing? About a week ago I issued a household decree that I was going to eat normally. Another adjective that was fired off was ‘reasonably.’ I am going to eat a reasonable amount of normal food and be done with it.

Am I drinking sugar-laden soda pop? No. Am I eating a ton of junk food. Well, I’m trying not to but when McD’s is calling at 11 p.m. and you have two other willing people to ride through the drive thru with you sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I compromised though, I didn’t get fries nor did I get a sugary soda pop.

A month ago my Twitter feed would read: “Eating lunch – a salad with a suggestion of dressing. Or maybe it’s just a hint of dressing. Either way the leaves are wet.” Now doesn’t that sound appetizing. For the past week I have eaten a homemade sandwich (usually turkey and mustard) on wheat, a small amount of chips and a couple of glasses of iced tea for lunch. Did I lose weight? No. Did I gain weight? No. Apparently I have been installed at 189.2 and the gods and scale have decided that my bulge ain’t budging up or down. I went on vacation for week. 189.2. I starved myself for two days. 189.2. I rode 10 miles on a bike. I rode 50 miles on a bike. I walked, I ran. I pooped.


I guess this is where I was meant to be. I might as well eat normally whilst I’m here.

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  1. May I tell you about Greg? He was stuck at 169/170 for two months. No matter what he did it would not budge. Then last Monday he decided to go down to the downtown YMCA where they have a sauna. He sat in that hot box for over two hours. He came home and weighed in at 166 and has been at that weight every day since. Weird but true.

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