October 19, 2009


So I am back from my vacation week and fully in the swing of things. I have the luxury of not returning from vacation to an on-call week so the high I’m feeling continues. Work was good today. I did a lot of thinking on my trip and my career path was part of my thoughts. Wheels are turning.

I decided that I would get things accomplished today, what with this new spring in my step and all, and so I did a load of laundry before work, another during lunch, a third after dinner, made supper, mowed the lawn and caught up on my e-mail. I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit. This is always good. When you’re stagnant you’re not really living, so it’s good to feel like I’m living.

Making supper was very important to me. Back when I was in school I made supper every night. Then I got wound up in the whole work thing and stopped making supper. I miss it. Making supper tonight was a way of getting back into the swing of things.

The momentum is back. I’m going to strive to keep it up.