October 20, 2009


I have grown tired of trying to keep up with the news. Usually I like trying to have a handle on what is going on in the world but I’m finding myself either distrusting or just plain angry when I watch or listen to the news. If I want something ‘fair and balanced’, I opt to read or listen to the BBC. There are no ads and they’re not being lobbied against (that I’m aware of) so I figure they’re the most neutral thing out there. That’s a good thing.

At work we are being told that pay cuts are still in place, with some hopes of a partial reinstatements possibly at the end of the year, while others on the news and various politicians are spewing talking points about how the recession is over, the economy is recovering, the stimulus package is working and we are just a melodic introduction away from a heart-warming rendition of “Kumbaya”.  I want to believe that, I really do, but the only signs of the stimulus package I have seen in our area is a six-month old photo of an older man in a suit with a shovel full of dirt somewhere on Long Island as he builds a bike path in his Armani getup.

By the way, economy graded gas was $2.65 9/10 per gallon at 7 a.m.  At 11 a.m. it was $2.79 9/10 per gallon.  That’s a 6% jump in four hours.  It was $2.29 9/10 per gallon in Lynchburg, Va. last week.  The lowest I have seen here in months is $2.65 9/10.

I refuse to ignore that “9/10” of a cent from this moment forward.  “How much is that candy bar?”  We’d pitch a fit if the cashier responded “$1.29 9/10”.

My head is still in a great place after this past weekend and the vacation beforehand. I have goals that I am working towards. Like previous vacations, the path that lay before me became blissfully crystal clear as I explored and lost myself in the drive.

But I just can’t take the news anymore.