Last week I featured a video clip from an Elvis Presley movie and encouraged folks to figure out who the “cartoon voice” was. There was one guess, that guess being Betty Boop, which was incorrect.

Here is the video clip again. You are listening to the young blonde woman.

The young blonde woman is voice actress Nicole Jaffe. She has made very few live-action appearances, but she is most recognisable as…

… Velma Dinkley of the original “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?”!

Now that you know that when you watch the video clip above, you can probably totally hear it.

I’m such an audio geek.



  1. But now you mention things 🙂

    I think being a geek is probably one of the better hobbies a person could have so I wouldn’t sweat it. LOL

  2. Sorry Betty Boop was so far off the mark. AFTER I submitted it, I asked Greg about Betty Boop and he said she was famous about 80 years ago. Oops. I was off by about 40 years. Oh well.

    I always liked Velma. She was my first exposure to lesbians and she is totally responsible for making me a ‘mo.

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