It’s been entirely too long since I’ve sat down and written in my journal. I haven’t been on the computer as much, as I’ve been trying to do some more exercise and enjoy the nice weather. So I purposely sat down and said I’m going to write in my journal, so here we are. Of course, I’ve been surfing the internet since supper at 6:00… and now Earl is on his computer surfing as well!

I’m such a geek. I’ve been reading about old grocery store chains and old malls. If you want to take a peek, look at I was looking at pictures of Hampshire Mall in Hadley, Mass. and was startled to see that it’s identical to Sangertown Square here in New Hartford! Wow!

Our bathroom is still not completed. That’s right. Lowe’s still has not received our sink and vanity top. Everything else is there, but still no sink in the bathroom. I don’t know what the heck is going on with it. Earl says he’s handling it. And he gets a little cranky when I mention it, so I don’t ask.

I’ve been continuing my exercise. Last weekend I rode my bicycle about 18 miles a day; Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I’ve really been enjoying the exercising. I’m still going to the gym three or four nights a week.

Computer wise I’m dinking around with Linux again. I’m determined to make this work! I haven’t installed it on my home computer yet, but I do have it on my workstation at the office and I’m not switching back to Windows. There, I’ve made a commitment. If I need to become certified in an operating system, I really want to become certified in RedHat. I don’t know if Linux-Mandrake offers certification or not; it’s something that I’m going to pursue this week at work. I’m also very interested in SQL and databases and such, so I’ll probably go exploring in that area.

Earl and I went on a bit of a road trip yesterday. Visited with my Dad for a bit before heading to Rochester to enjoy some food and do a little shopping. We really enjoy the fast food place out there called “Tom Wahl’s”. The food is really down home good. If you’re in the Rochester area, be sure to stop by one of them.

I’ve been pursuing my spiritual interests as well. This week I’m really going to focus on setting aside time to meditate and calm my mind. I’ve been flying off the handle at work again, and that’s not good for anyone concerned, so I need to meditate, breathe and just calm down.

Otherwise, life is going along really well and we’re really happy!