Today is my mandatory day off from work so I made a trip up to where I grew up and surprised my dad by joining him for lunch. He was busy at work at the family business; when I arrived my dad was eating lunch in the office with my uncle and my aunt. I grabbed a lunch special from the Chinese restaurant across the street and joined them. We talked about the usual stuff; what was going on with the family, the town gossip and the general state of affairs in the world.

Afterward Dad asked me to join him as he went up to the local tractor dealer. We checked out new lawn tractors that will probably double as a snow-blower for him. It was a good visit and I felt very grounded.

I took a picture with Dutchess, who lives with my aunt. She is eight years old and prior to living with my aunt she lived with my grandfather (until ’05). Dutchess spends her days at the lumber yard/hardware store. She is camera shy.

229.365, originally uploaded by iMachias.