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Earl and I got back from Pennsylvania yesterday evening where I promptly jumped into the daunting task of getting homework done. It wasn’t the best way to bring the weekend to an end but it was the most practical way.

Rick and Helen’s reception was a smashing success. The Irish Pub they selected made us feel like we were right back on the ol’ sod. If you’re ever near the King of Prussia mall, try having a bite to eat at Kildare’s. You won’t be disappointed.

Earl and I had a great time. The head table was up on a platform and it was about a quarter of the way through the meal that we realised that the guests could see under our table. We don’t have a lot of practice sitting in kilts so that was interesting.

All in all it was a good time. I think kissing the Blarney Stone helped with my gift of gab because I was apparently a chatterbox. The Guinness helped as well. By the way, Guinness is enjoyable regardless of the occasion but it tastes decidedly different here in the states.