I was never much of a drinker for the first 35 or so years of my life. I wasn’t chomping at the bit to turn 21 so that I could legally drink and when I finally reached that age I celebrated with a diet coke at DiRocco’s in Tyngsboro, Mass. as my friends toasted their beers and mixed drinks around me.

Once in a while I’d pop open a beer or have a mixed drink when DJing, but usually I opted for straight cranberry juice or diet pop with no ice. I started enjoying beer more toward the end of my days in radio and have kept up the practice since then. I have never been drunk to the point that I passed out or puked; I usually get really chatty, really silly, really dizzy and then fall asleep, hopefully in that order. Occasionally I’d drive home while buzzing which is a very, very stupid thing to do. I have sat through more than one meal where I recall nothing aside from what Earl told me, an order of ribs at Zebb’s (in which I apparently loudly exclaimed “I hate ribs” and proceeded to fall asleep in the coleslaw) or a full dinner for breakfast at Denny’s (because I absolutely had to have pancakes so I ordered fried chicken). I find this embarrassing.

I know a man that is 50 years old and has never been drunk in his life. I don’t believe that he has ever had a drink before. I know another that is a few years older than me that has never drank at all. I know a 19 year old that has sworn to never drink for his entire life. I admire them. On the flip side, I know a few too many who drink without reason; there’s no party, no one around, they just drink. Perhaps they drown their sorrows.

If I ever had a sorrow it seemed to get worse when I drank.

If I ever had a happy moment, it didn’t really get that much happier when I drank. In fact, it’d usually turn a little weird and then fade away with the drink I had in celebration.

So today I pledge to never drink alcohol again. This is not an easy thing as I enjoy the taste of beer, but there’s enough non-alcoholic varieties out there to keep things interesting in a pinch.

I don’t expect anyone to follow my lead. I judge no one, I think no less of those that enjoy a beer or a cosmo or a Long Island iced tea, quite frankly it’s none of my business. I expect no change from others, I am selfish in this endeavour and doing it only for me. I have made great strides in the health department as of late, this is my next jump over a hurdle.

It’s time to clean the mind as well and experience everything the Universe gives me in full technicolor without messing with the horizontal or vertical hold.

Bye-bye, Bud.


  1. I applaud you and support you on your pledge.

    I don’t see you pouring alcohol down the drain so much as I see you pouring calories. I got one beer sitting in my fridge. It’s been in there for months. I have no desire to drink it, but I’m too cheap to throw it away. Ha!

    BTW, the pic is fantastic. It would have been cool if you had posted it sideways. Have a good night J.P.

  2. Wow….big decisions. I must admit that I’ve come from a family filled….I mean FILLED….with alcoholism. It’s not pretty. Myself? Take it or leave it.

  3. Congratulations! I’m like you in that I have no judgment whatsoever for people who choose to drink responsibly (the category into which almost 100% of my friends fall), but I believe life is best experience chemical-free.

    And today my reaction to alcohol is much like Larry’s – where do you put all those calories? And I’m so glad I stopped smoking, too, because have you seen the price of cigarettes? 😉 Sometimes the trivial reasons are the most motivating!

  4. My father and brother never had a drop to drink so I get your friends. I’m fortunate that I never acquired the taste for beer…a glass of wine every now and again is about all I ever have. I haven’t been buzzed in ages. I guess after high school and college, I never saw the point.

    This sound like a sensible direction for you based on how you are feeling. I don’t think it’s a decision that has any downside.

  5. Interesting that you should post this as I am also doing a lot of thinking about my use of alcohol and the effect that it has had on my life. Adds more to the “To be Thought About” Pile.

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