August 23, 2009


Successfully navigating your way through life is all about the attitude. Sure, the big, scary world out there can throw some pretty mean crap your way, but it’ll always be something you can handle one way or another and you’ll always be the better for it.

Because I always enjoy a good visual aid, I will demonstrate. Actually, I’ll let Ms. Lauren Tewes1 from “The Love Boat” demonstrate.

You should always approach life with a warm, friendly, inviting smile.


Once a given situation is assessed, a determination must be made. If at all possible, you should continue to smile brightly, letting the warmth of your charisma light the room.


Life would not be the challenge it was meant to be if there wasn’t a curve ball thrown in your direction once in a while. Keep on smiling, but perhaps you should add a slight glare to your stare to let others know that you mean business.


If the situation warrants a little more aggression, keep on smiling, but let them know that you really mean business. You might want to cock your eyebrow a bit. That always adds a touch of assertiveness to your stance, but remember, if you’re smiling on the outside, you’re smiling on the inside.


Always keep that smile and take life as it’s meant to be: rewarding and challenging. Once the credits roll (or in this case, a superimposed anchor crosses your face), feel free to look away to the next challenge. But KEEP ON SMILING.


1 When I was a youngster I noticed that Lauren was not enjoying the filming of her appearance in the credits for “The Love Boat”. Personally I love Lauren Tewes. I have always found her to be a pretty woman and there was always a part of me that hoped she was as perky in real life as she was as Julie McCoy. Sure she had her problems, but she got through them and more importantly, she became a permanent part of pop culture. You’re not gay if you haven’t been a Julie McCoy for some group of people at one time in your life.

Update: I found this while seeing what Lauren was up to these days. I’m right, she rocks. For more information: Garden State Equality.