So I am sitting in my car enjoying the summer sun during my lunch hour. The sky is partly cloudy today; some of the clouds have a base of gray, indicating the possibility of a storm here and there this afternoon and/or this evening. This is not entirely a bad thing, though if the truth were to be known, I’m ready for some dry, warm weather to carry us through until autumn. I’m tired of the rain and clouds. This time of year is not my favourite of the seasons as I prefer the crisp feeling of autumn. In the past couple of years, autumn has saddened me because of the depression I felt with the onset of the colder months and what I suspect is Seasonal Affectation Disorder (or whatever it’s called when you don’t get enough sunlight.). I intend on doing my meditation and tai chi practices in front of a lightbox this year to help alleviate this issue.

I gave away the remaining beer at work today. There are still cries of disbelief that I have given up drinking, being partly (and visibly) Irish and all. Not to fear, the Irish temper still raises it’s head more than it probably should.

I was talking with my friend Dave last night on Skype. He asked how much "purging and pruning" was going as I make adjustments throughout the many facets of my existence to better myself in the ways I feel appropriate. I told him that whatever is left standing in a week is something I intend to keep. I’m still purging things I no longer need: there are several ebay auctions in progress for material stuff I no longer have interest in, I wiped out a few websites that were just kind of hanging around without any input or need, etc. As I was falling asleep last night I found myself making a list in my head of ways that I suspect could better my life by saving money or taking out the complicated stuff. The growth is good. The feeling is positive.