Door Number 2.

Door Number 2., originally uploaded by iMachias.

A couple of weeks ago Earl and I went to heat a pizza in the oven. We spun the dial and hit 350, popped the pizza in the oven (on our fancy pizza stone) and went about our business. Ten minutes later, the kitchen was filled with gas and we were lightheaded.

Our house was built in 1996 but the stove was built in 1985. We figured it was time for a new stove, so off to Sears we went and picked out a basic gas range with a few frills and good looks. Naturally everything in that area must match so we picked out the matching microwave. We stuck to our household mantra: “All shall hail Frigidaire”.

Tonight we installed the new stove and microwave. There was no shouting, screaming, cussing or anything like that. It was teamwork, teamwork, teamwork all the way. Everything passed inspection and no bubbles were formed on the gas connections so we are going to ready, set, cook!