I have been messing around with my iPhone a little bit to get it to try to sound better on the car stereo but it’s just not happening. I have mentioned before about the challenges of getting a good sound on the car sound system with an iPod.

Last night I burned six new CDs for the car in anticipation of more road tripping. For the curious, they are:

  • “Emotional Technology” by BT
  • “Random Album Title” by Deadmau5
  • “Bring The Night” by Kaskade
  • “Strobelight Seduction” by Kaskade
  • “Love Mysterioius” by Kaskade
  • “90s Music” as selected by DJ Supercub, including:
    1. “Happenin’ All Over Again” by Lonnie Gordon
    2. “Right Beside You” by Sophie B. Hawkins
    3. “U R The Best Thing” by D:Ream
    4. “Back To Life” by Soul II Soul (technically 1989)
    5. “Happy (Full Gypsy Edit)” by Legacy of Sound
    6. “Save Me” by Lisa Fischer
    7. “Don’t Make Me Wait” by Loveland
    8. “The Love I Lost” by Sybil
    9. “Just Another Dream” by Cathy Dennis
    10. “Hold You Tight” by Tara Kemp
    11. “Running Back To You” by Vanessa Williams
    12. “Tonight Is The Night” by Le Click (who became La Bouche)
    13. “Tell Me When” by The Human League
    14. “Love Pains” by Liza Minnelli and the Pet Shop Boys
    15. “I’m Gonna Get U” by Bizarre Inc
    16. “Too Blind To See It” by Kym Sims

There you have it. Confirmation that I’m a gay man.