July 19, 2009


169.365, originally uploaded by iMachias.

It’s almost time for bed. Earl has already hit the hay as he is getting up at 5:45 tomorrow. Jamie is in bed as well because, well, Jamie went to bed. He has meetings at school tomorrow in preparation of the upcoming semester. I am finishing up a few things before calling it a night. My MacBook Pro behaved somewhat poorly when it came to networking while we were on vacation. I have wiped it out and reloaded everything from scratch. It’s taking a while to do this. It should be fully functional 24 hours from now.

Earl and I drove around 2,455 miles during our eight day journey. We enjoyed every moment of our much needed vacation and we feel rejuvenated and re-energized. I hope the feeling lasts.

St. Louis, Missouri is amazing place. I dislike it when folks on either coast refer to that area of the United States as the “flyover states” or the “flyover cities”. St. Louis and her midwestern cities are just important to the fabric of the U.S. as the bigger cities on the coasts. I mentioned on my Twitter feed throughout the week that St. Louis jumped a few notches on my “list”. I was referring to a list of potential places to live someday in the future. The climate, location and amenities of St. Louis make it a very desirable place to live in my book. It’s exact placement on my list deserves a separate blog entry someday, once I have had the opportunity to compare and contrast a bit with the others on my list. And yes, I do keep track of the pros and cons in a little file on the server. I’m just like that.

Tom was very happy to be home after I picked him up from Dad and Karen’s. He complained about the ride home for the duration of the entire trip, but once he checked out his native territory he started purring and immediately got back into his routine. He’s pretty flexible for a 14 year old cat.

Tomorrow starts a week of on-call duties. For the first time in a long time, I don’t find that to be too disturbing. I’m ready to handle it.