July 17, 2009


Earl and I went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens for most of the day today. We took a ton of pictures, in fact Earl took so many that he drained the battery on his camera, and I’m going to try to post them on Flickr1 when I get a few moments.

Instead of just snapping photos randomly and hoping for something amazing, I concentrated on what I was trying to capture and how I wanted it to look in a photo that will be around forever. This dragonfly photo is an example of me messing around in this manner. I already know a number of ways I could have improved this photo (especially if I was carrying a camera with a viewfinder) but I thought it was a pretty good start.

A dragonfly at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. July 17 ’09.

We never made it to Branson, Mo. contrary to the suggestion to do so from our friend Shirley; when we went to dinner with Leigh last night she told us that Branson isn’t the most gay-friendly place in the world, so we decided to skip it, what with us being gay and all.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that during a drive from Toronto to the 1000 Islands (on my way home) along Southern Ontario that I had some sort of settling of the way I feel about things, almost like a reboot of attitude. When I’m driving is when I do my best thinking. I’m now realizing that this reboot was only partially complete, as the rest of this nebulous, indescribable alignment of my outlook on life has finally clicked into place during this vacation.

And we still have two days of driving left to get home!

J.P. and Earl, still very happy after all these years. July 17 ’09.

1 I actually ended up posting the photos on my MobileMe account. You can take a peek at them here. These are the photos that Earl and I both took.