So the latest round of on-call is now a memory. To celebrate the event, I got home from work and promptly took a two hour nap. This gave me that “freshly rebooted” feeling. To celebrate, Earl and I headed to the local Panera for a small dessert and some wi-fi time. Sometimes you need a change of view.

I ordered a low-fat hot chocolate (is there such a thing?) and then watched the assembler literally flood the mug with whipped cream from a can. Hot chocolate spilled over the sides of the mug and all over the counter. She didn’t seem to care. She was too busy snapping her gum.

The wi-fi seems to be struggling today. I blame the Dell computer at the next table. There’s probably a virus or something eating up all the bandwidth. It certainly isn’t my Mac creating the havoc! I know I sound like the stereotypical Mac user. I’m just being uppity and funny at the same time.

I actually think it’s the huge Packard Bell 486 laptop in the back corner.

Am I the only one that finds it mildly disturbing that there is a wicker basket on the floor with a sign proclaiming “Freshly Baked Baguettes! $2.59!” and that said baguettes are not wrapped? I think I find this to be against some sort of New York State health code.

I could sit and watch people all day long and not complain about it. I often complain about the state of our society, and I believe that it is spiraling in a downward motion at a shocking rate, but at the same time to watch it to be entertained. I chuckle in the corner like some sort of middle-aged crazy man. The feeling is not unpleasant.

The Thurrott Pose