March 19, 2009


The SciFi Channel announced earlier this week that they are rebranding themselves come July.

The new name of the cable channel will be “SyFy”.

Personally I think this is one of the most idiotic ideas to hit the boob tube in a long while and I look forward to watching the crash and burn at this attempt of a retread.

As a proud geek that enjoys science fiction television, I find this rebranding pedestrian, predictable and highly insulting.

That clicking sound you hear is the sound of me changing the channel.

In the spirit of the old SciFi channel, I share this.

Actually I can’t post a video of the opening from the original Bionic Woman on here as originally planned because NBC/Universal pulled it from YouTube. They suck.

The Other Side.

So I know everyone is whipped up about gay marriage (amongst other things) these days and I honestly can’t imagine what all the hoopla is about. I mean, as a gay man that has been happily partnered for longer than most heterosexual marriages I know, I have to say that I don’t know why a certain segment of our society gets themselves all worked up over the word ‘marriage’. I’ll leave your imagination to ponder which segment I’m referring to when it comes to those getting worked up, but I will say this: as long as I am guaranteed the EXACT same rights as my heterosexual counterparts but still referred to as a “civil union” then I have no issues with nomenclature. Most look at it as that marriage is “better than” a civil union but I tend to spin it around and look at it the other way: I wasn’t forced to eat a stale cake, I didn’t have to dance for dollars and I didn’t have to do the hokey pokey. To me, civil union means the same thing as marriage without the organised religious influence.

While I certainly want and demand legal recognition of my partnership, I’m sure many gay men and lesbians will agree with me that there is at least one advantage to not being able to declare “married” on our federal tax return. Many gay men and lesbians are rather affluent and bring in a good amount of income. Let’s say Dirk makes $200,000 a year and his partner Bruce makes $100,000 a year. Together they make $300,000. Dirk and Bruce have been together a decade or so and dump all of their income into their jointly owned house, land and smattering of bank accounts. Because Dirk and Bruce are not legally married and there union is not recognised as valid by Ol’ Glory, they are not obligated to report their income as combined, therefore Dirk makes $200K in the eyes of Uncle Sam and Bruce makes $100K in the same way, easily skirting that coveted $250K limit where the taxes get really deep and the hands of Uncle Sam get really grabby. Granted, we miss several tax breaks for not being married but when you’re starting to throw around the big numbers I think this becomes negligible.

Now I realise that this is a consolation prize in the grand scheme of things and legal recognition is what most of us really want and to be honest I believe that if I’m not allowed to be legally partnered on the federal level to the person I love then I shouldn’t have to pay full taxes anyway, but there is a very small amount of smirkiness I feel knowing that I could be skirting a part of the tax code on THEIR technicality.


So it was about a month ago that I did the photo shoot with my friend Kevin. Well, maybe it’s been three weeks but nevertheless I have had time to look the photos over and pick out which ones I like the best. Kevin took a LOT of photos during the shoot, as did his studio partner Dale. I haven’t seen Dale’s photos yet as he used film and is still in the process of tweaking the photos to his liking. Kevin says that they are considerably different than the photos he took. I am intrigued, to say the least, as I really liked Kevin’s work. Back when Kevin first gave me the photos I shared some shots here on the blog.

There were actually many different moods and clothes throughout the shots that I haven’t shared with the general public yet. I don’t know if it’s because I’m shy in a way or because it shows a side of me that I don’t usually show for public consumption, but I have decided to share another photo.

And here it is. I’ll let you decide which one piece of clothing in this shot is not mine.


Photo © 2009 Kevin Miller Photography


I’ve been groovin’ to this song for the past week or so and finally found a video to go along with it.

I must be getting old. I find the guys on the dance floor in this video to be wicked hot (especially around 1:40) and I really appreciate the carefree attitude everyone seems to have whilst they’re partying.

Enjoy “Feelings” by The Grass Roots. The clip is from the movie “With Six You Get Eggroll”.