March 2, 2009


Over the past year or so I have maintained a file on the home server called “curious.txt”. It contains questions that I copied and pasted from a smattering of e-mails I have received in response to blog entries or my various internet profiles I have going. I took the time to take a look at these while I was working out and thought I would answer a few of them. Some of them are definitely PG-13; don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

They are in no specific order.

Are you gay? (this appeared below a picture on Flickr of Earl and I making out in the Jeep)
As a matter of fact, I am. So is Earl. It’s fortunate that we are compatible in that way otherwise we’d be wicked bored.

Have you ever done it with a woman? (in response to a mention of my high school girlfriend)
Not all the way, so technically in the “let’s get biblical” sense I suppose I am a 40-year old virgin. I have tried to “go all the way” with a woman twice in my life. The first time was in high school, the night of my senior prom and it did not go the way she intended (I chose to engage myself afterwards whilst thinking of her brother). We broke up a few days later. The second time was in college. Her name was Kristi, she was fairly hot but she was missing the duplication of parts that I imagined would be involved in that sort of thing.

How many boyfriends have you had?
I’m assuming the interrogator is referring to long-term relationships so I’ll go by that. I have lived with three different guys in a long-term romantic situation. The first one’s name was Tom. I think he’s still named Tom but I’ve called him other things. When he was with me he was bisexual, but by the time we broke up he was all the way gay. The guy after me with him had it easy as I broke him in. By the way, I consider the guy that followed me to be a good friend. The second one is “first Earl”. A truly great guy, Earl and I had some really good times together but I didn’t think that we were completely compatible in the long-term department. Earl and I are still good friends with “first Earl”. We’ll probably have dinner with him again soon. We like to do that. “My Earl” is my life and my last. As of this writing we have been together, happily I may add, for just shy of 13 years.

Do you still ride your bike? (originally asked last summer)
Finally, a non-sexual question! I didn’t ride my bike that much in the summer of 2007 but did a bit more riding in summer ’08. I have around 3,000 miles on the same bike since the summer of 2002. I am planning a multi-day trip for this summer. I was mentioning it to my friend David today, I haven’t told Earl my plan so I’ll save that for a future blog entry, but I have been training to ride about 400 miles on a ride this summer.

Why do you spell words with an “s”? (from December 2007)
Apparently the person asking this question was cranky or something because they missed the fact that not only do I use an “s” but I also throw a “u” in some words just like the user’s manual of my Commodore VIC-20 Colour Computer from 1982. Actually, I choose to spell things in the non-American English way for a couple of reasons: it sets me apart from the crowd, I have a desire to live in either Ireland or Canada and I think that saying “car park” sounds much more civilised than “parking lot”.

What do you want to do when you grow up? (from an entry regarding my return to college in 2007)
I have no freakin’ idea and I like it that way. This experience we called life is entirely too short to pigeonhole yourself into 50 years of monotony.

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? (this was referring to a picture of me in my black leather jacket)
I am assuming that the questioner was referring to being in control of the bike and not just a passenger, because I used to ride on the back of my Dad’s bike (while he was on it too) since I was around eight years old or so. I’ve only ridden a motorcycle alone a couple of times; once was when I was in high school with my friend Jeff. It was around midnight on a June night and I rode from the Springbrook Road to the Peck Road and back on a Yamaha that had no headlight. I didn’t tell my folks (hi there!). In my early 20s I rode this little Honda my ex-boyfriend had on a couple of occasions and I loved it. I have mentioned to Earl a couple of times that I want a motorcycle. He recently mentioned that perhaps I should get one someday.

We’ll get into the wilder questions the next time I open up the file.