My mother just returned from visiting my sister, brother-in-law and nephew in Helsinki, Finland. The first thing she had to tell me was that in Helsinki they have Carrols.


While kids today eat McDonalds food with their Happy Meal et al as a treat, back in my day we went to Carrols, a New York State based fast food chain that converted all of their locations to Burger King in the late 1970s. I vividly remember Carrols, with their orange and white light globes over the counter and the generous use of the orange and white colour scheme.


I’m very glad to see that Carrols is still alive and well. Now we have yet another reason to go to Helsinki.

Here’s some information in case you want to geek out with me. Here is a personal lost blog entry from 2001.


  1. We had one in Troy when I was a tot. Seems as though I remember someone saying they served kangaroo meat! Odd what comes up from childhood.

  2. and we had one in Schenectady on Nott Terrace. Stopped there a lot when I was a tot. And I am almost sure that there was one just west of the Latham Circle – you can still see the distinctive architecture despite the new tenant.

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