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Earl and I have spent most of the day busying ourselves about the house and enjoying a low-key New Year’s Day. Chores are done, things are in place to make the second day of 2009 just as enjoyable as the first, even though that includes a regular day of work for me. It’s a good thing I enjoy my job.

One activity that has consumed a bit of my day is playing around with Facebook. It’s more addictive than watching “I Love Lucy” or “Absolutely Fabulous” clips on YouTube! As I type various names of people from my past and present into the search function thingee there, I discover more people from my past and end up trying to make a friend link with them. How many friends will I have come morning? Only time will tell.

I could never get into MySpace because I always felt that I had descended into the two-digit IQ land of adult Fisher Price with that site, but Facebook, whilst basically the same concept, has a more refined feel to it.

Now, you can’t see what I just did, but I just stopped typing a blog entry for just a moment, did a search of another name on Facebook and found this person’s profile. It’s like waving at Tucson right from my keyboard!

I’m going to have to go to bed sooner or later. Right now, the search continues.