Oklahoma City, Okla.

So today is my second day in Oklahoma. My class is complete, I feel I am armed with a great deal more knowledge than I arrived with and I’m ready to take on the project that lies ahead at work. Working one on one with the instructor was an excellent experience. Today we went to a local BBQ place (Van’s Pig Stand in Norman) for lunch and I just loved it. Terry, the instructor, and I talked about all sorts of geeky stuff. We shared stories of our first computers and discovered that we both have an interest in the older technology that we grew up with. We both have a basement or garage full of stuff others would consider junk, we consider them treasure. I feel inspired to find some more legacy equipment, the groan you heard was Earl thinking of more stuff going into the cellar.

After class I freshened up a bit and went out exploring again. Earl and I were first here in 2004 and I distinctly recall a conversation that we had as we approached Oklahoma City from the east on I-40 as we approached Tinker AFB. I had just had a crazy blowup at work (when I worked at the radio station) with one of my co-workers and was not feeling the job at all. I was quickly feeling out of place at the station and was not enjoying what my job responsibilities had morphed into. Earl and I discussed this that day as we drove along I-40 with the top down on the Jeep and the sun shining in on us. I remember him asking me, “What are you going to do about it?” I threw my hands up in the air, palms toward the sky and yelled, “I’m going to find a new job!” as we moved along I-40 at 70 MPH or so. I told Earl of the telephone company I had been working with (on behalf of the radio station) and how they seemed to be a good company. They were a smaller company but they seemed to have a heart and I was interested in working in their internet division.

Two months later I was working in the job I have today.

Tonight I drove along that stretch of I-40 again. I smiled as I remembered the conversation and thought about how excited and happy I was when I was told that I got the job. The same company that brought me back to Oklahoma City this week for training because they felt that I had something to contribute and/or they believe in what I bring to the party and want to invest in me as an employee. On top of the training I had yesterday and today, I honestly feel more excited about my career than I have in a while. I intend on enjoying my little vacation this weekend in Oklahoma, but I have to admit I’m a little more excited than usual about returning to work on Monday.

Tonight I’m going to go out to the gayborhood and explore a little bit and probably meet up with Olivier for a drink. We’ve chatted a bit on the phone and over text message. Our friend Dave speaks volumes about him, I look forward to meeting him in person.