The Last Dance.

I have a DJ SuperCub gig for New Year’s Eve night. I just cemented the deal last night, but I will be doing my regular Friday night gig on Wednesday but for a little longer and there will be balloons dropping and champagne instead of some cheap swill. The drunk woman will probably still be sitting on the urinal in the men’s room.

I haven’t mentioned this to anyone outside of Earl but the Wednesday night gig will probably be my last at the bar I’ve been spinning at for the past year or so. Earl and I have a *lot* of plans for the next several weekends and quite frankly I don’t think my style fits the crowd at the club anymore. So I’m in search of a new gig come 2009, more likely in the way of guest appearances. Earl and I will still continue hosting the semi-monthly bear nights and I’ll still make CDs for the bar because I enjoy that very much.