December 25, 2008

One More Christmas Cat.

Earl and I are just back from my father’s house for Christmas dinner. We had an enjoyable time.

My father has two cats, both around 11 years old or so. They are sisters and as different as night and day. Pita is, well, a Pain In The Ass, but she means well and can be somewhat cordial when she’s not hissing at you. Cali on the other hand is on the shy side and while a part of her wants to be in your lap, the other part of her wants no part of anything human. She’s usually found under a piece of furniture or hiding in the sawdust in my father’s workshop. Perhaps she gets dizzy from the wallpaper.

I convinced Cali to make a rare appearance in a picture with me today. She was not amused.


Once Upon A Time.

Even back in 1968 I was the life of the party. Last night my uncle showed me the Christmas card my parents sent out for Christmas 1968.


Christmas Thrill.

Christmas Thrill., originally uploaded by iMachias.

Tom has apparently had his fill of Christmas treats for the day. He seems content to be backed up against the radiator sleeping instead of meowing out some ho ho ho.

Christmas 2008.

It’s obvious when you’ve been married to someone for a long time. People say you start to look alike. Earl and I get mistaken for brothers from time to time (especially when we were both full-blown redheads) but this morning’s gift giving proved that we really do think alike.

We bought each other one stocking stuffer type gift: he gave me a package of muscle shirts, I gave him an Elton John concert DVD set.

We bought each other one electronic gift: he gave me a new iPhone 3G, I bought him a new Sony digital camera

We bought each other a Carhartt jacket.

And this one surprised us both: we bought each other new black motorcycle boots.

Our holidays are simple this year. Our big home feast was for the Winter Solstice. Last night we went to my aunt and uncle’s for dinner with that side of the family (including my Mom), which was quite enjoyable, and today we are heading up to my Dad’s for a little dinner.

It is snowing like crazy at the moment and the music is playing on the DirecTV.

One simple gesture made it the holidays for me this year. Earl and I haven’t done any decorating around the house this year; we haven’t really been feeling “it” and we’ve been very busy this season. I did take a few moments to decorate the pine tree in our lawn though because I could not let the season go without putting some sort of lights up, so I made the effort for that one tree out in the yard. Our neighbors apparently didn’t have the time or inclination to decorate this year either, but when Earl was getting the mail the other day, they stopped him (the first or second time that they’ve ever talked to us in five years) and thanked us for decorating that tree. They look out in the yard every night and admire my little Charlie Brown tree and it brings them great joy.

And the fact that they enjoy that tree so much fills me with the holiday spirit that I was missing this year.

Merry Christmas to all!