I Left Our GPS in New Jersey.

So Earl and I spent last weekend in the oceanside town of Asbury Park, New Jersey. We were there for “Santa Saturday”, a day of leathermen and bears raising money for people living with AIDS and the aging. It was a good time, about 1000 people attended the event and we saw several familiar faces from Hillside Campground.

I had never been to Asbury Park before. Even though it was the end of November the ocean was still beautiful. There was little life along the boardwalk but we enjoyed the experience anyway. We stopped at the Paramount Theatre where we saw an a cappella choral group perform, they were magnificent and reminded me of my days in high school and college when I was in various a cappella choruses.

We stayed at the Berkeley Hotel, which is a beautiful hotel with affordable rooms. However, when we went to get into the Jeep to go out Saturday night we found the entire contents of the Jeep stacked on the driver’s seat and the GPS missing from the glove compartment. We had noticed a large number of cop cars earlier; apparently they knew what had happened or was going to happen. So we are out a GPS unit. As Earl said, “it was time to upgrade anyway.” The ones with the sticky fingers climbed in through one of the back windows of the soft top, it’s pretty easy to get into a Jeep. At least they didn’t smash the real windows or anything.

All in all it was a good weekend and a good chance for us to get away from the craziness of our schedules.