Fruit Pie.

I’m going say right here and now that I hate being called a homosexual. Oh I’m one of the gays, there’s no doubt about that. I’m sure some of you’d be amazed at what you saw if you looked behind the curtain of this blog wizard. But the way the right-wing freaks say ‘homosexual’ is so ridiculous. Homo-sexual. THey must divide up the syllables to give it an air of credibility. Ho-mo-sex-u-al. It’s their attempt to make it sound like a sickness. Homo-sexual. Bah. It’s more fun to say “condom” but they don’t like those either.

I can’t help but be reminded of Anita Bryant when I see Sarah Palin. She’s mildly attractive on the outside. She’s a beauty queen. She has a “non-neutral” accent. And of course she’s big on that whole “pray away the gay” thing. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? “Pray away the gay”. That’s like saying “pray that my blue eyes turn brown” or “pray away the freckles” or better yet “pray away the gray”. Why can’t we pray away Wal*Mart?

Going to the extreme, perhaps if her church keeps up this crusade of “pray away the gay” more and more teen gays and lesbians will commit suicide from believing the message of hate. The gay teen prays and prays and then buries away the gay but they still feel the gay. “Pray away the gay”. Once they discover the gay won’t go away they turn to drastic measures: In a paranoid, confused state it makes sense: The gay won’t go away, ergo they’re sick, so they kill themselves. I know that sounds completely fucked up, but guess what, that’s what happens. “Pray away the gay” says Sarah Palin and her church. Gay teen suicides are on the rise and I’m sure the likes of her and her church are contributors to that statistic. Isn’t that a way of saying believe better off dead than gay?

I am really nervous about what is going to occur in November. I do not have a good feeling about the American election coming up. I have a feeling it’s going to be screwed up with errant voting machines, mass confusion, swinging chads, an ugly woman from Florida trying to be important and god knows what else. I have made it known that if I had my druthers, I’d live elsewhere. Earl says we need to stay and fight, no matter the outcome of this election. We can make a difference. I want to believe him. So I’m making a lot of noise about this election. I’m afraid that the sheeple are turning this into a new season of American Idol. What if they treat this vote as if it was “Who Wants To Be A Vice President?” where they just vote for the pretty one. And that’s exactly what the Republicans are betting on. You’ll vote for the one that can see Russia from her house.

Everyone tells me to calm down when I talk politics. “Stop yelling.” Bah.

This ho-mo-sex-u-al has only just begun.