Earl and I decided to go for a ride in the Jeep this afternoon. We had no plan other than to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. Random navigation found us in Rochester, the third largest metropolitan area in New York State. We stopped at one of our favorite malls, Eastview Mall, and ended up getting quite a bit of our Christmas shopping done.

We decided on keeping it simple for supper and hit the food court, which includes one of our favorite regional quick serve restaurants, Tom Wahl’s.



The service is always friendly and the comfort food is delicious at Tom Wahl’s. We were not disappointed.

We ended up buying all new decorations for the outside of the house as our decorations did not fare well last season. Whilst perusing the selection at Sears, I found this sign to be confusing.


Like a photo I took a couple of years ago; the photo was of an 8×11 sheet of paper with MERRY CHRISTMAS printed in 36 point in Arial, I suspect the wording of this sign is an attempt to somehow be politically correct, but honestly I just found the sign to be confusing. And why are holiday decorations 30% off already, it’s not even December yet!

With the shopping we did today I’m finding myself easing into the Christmas season with a smile. It’s a nice change of pace.