Official End of Summer.

So tonight was the official end of summer in these parts. Autumn doesn’t arrive for a few weeks, Labor Day has already passed but more importantly, tonight was the last Saranac Thursday Night of the season. I ended up going solo as Earl is out of town until Saturday.

I expected a bigger crowd and a more boisterous band tonight, but I got to hang with my buddies from work so all was well. Eye candy quotient was high, but I wasn’t able to get some photos due to darkness setting in too soon.

Now that the Saranac Thursday has wrapped up for 2008 I think I’ll be able to stick to my no beer policy for a few weeks as I continue to rebuild my body.

As the sun sets we raise a plastic cup full of cheap beer and toast to Schultz and Dooley. The 2008 season of Saranac Thursday was most enjoyable.