Earl and I are poised to head into Toronto. My sister and my new brother-in-law are off to meet with high paid people about the new house they’re purchasing on the 30th so we are in their house alone right now. We haven’t run through the halls naked or anything. Well, maybe we did.

Last night after dinner we did some shopping at Zeller’s. It’s much like K-mart and feels wicked comfortable to me. I found some good deals on camo shorts. I love camo shorts. We then came back to the house, wear I went into the bedroom to change into comfortable clothes and promptly fell asleep. I woke up a little after 8 this morning. Earl apparently tried to wake me several times but I wasn’t having any. My body probably figured that I was going to put it through it’s paces this weekend so I should fill up the sleep deficit ahead of time.

Now we are getting ready to head into Toronto. We assumedly can’t get into the hotel until 3, so we are just going to window shop and such beforehand.