Still Dumb.

A while back I refrained from commenting on the apparent stupidity of Sherri Shepherd on “The View”. I read somewhere that she had never voted before so I decided to see if there was a clip on YouTube stating this.

Of course there was.

If you pay close attention you’ll notice that she quickly says she’s never voted before because she didn’t know the voting dates.

Um, hello? I think it’s in third grade social studies that we have our first mock election on the first Tuesday (following the first Monday) in November. Some of us even got to dress up as a president or something.

If you watch a little further, you’ll note that her reason for voting is because she’s on “The View”. Forget any sense of patriotic duty that that side of the aisle is always preaching, Sherri is more concerned about looking good.



  1. In some places you can just walk in and vote (like Wisconsin). I realize the View wanted to get a spectrum of hosts but did they really think that the STUPID black woman was being underrepresented? Maybe they should give her a show with that STUPID blonde woman, it could spin off of the View. They could call it “get a clue?”

  2. The reason our country is in the crapper is that people are more concerned about who wins on American Idol or Temptation Island than they are about who will be their representatives, governors, mayors, presidents, etc.

  3. Yeah, she sure is dumb. I love to watch from time to time to see if she’ll say anything else stupid. In her defense here tho, I think she was referring to not knowing the date for the voter registration deadline to vote in the primaries which is earlier than the deadline to vote in the general election. I know because I took it upon myself to do this research for a woman at work who has never voted in her life.

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