Fever Dreams.

I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately, but when I do my brain does its usual thing and throws a bunch of lucid dreams. Once in a while I can figure out, while still asleep and dreaming, that I’m asleep and do some fantastic things I can’t do in the real world, but more often than not the subconscious is in control and I just go along for the ride.

Last night I had this really weird dream about working for the Trump administration. It was like anything I had heard or read about him was wrong and while he was basically bombastic and loud he was also misunderstood and portrayed as something he is not by the media.

My analytical self goes into overdrive with these types of dreams so I’m trying to figure out what my subconscious is telling me. Are angels trying to guide me to be less judgmental? Is the universe telling me to chill out on the news consumption?

It was then I realized I had eaten a snack right before bed and it was probably just gas.