Typical Work Day.

365 Days: Day 9

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A stormy day in Upstate New York equals a very busy day in a telecommunications network operations center. Sometimes it feels like to adequately multitask you need to be two people. Tomorrow is the last day of my encore performance with my employer and I have to admit I’m going to really miss the folks I work. However, it’s not like I’m moving away and will never see them again; I like to think that I’m leaving on good terms so I’ll stop in from time to time. Maybe I’ll remember to bring a plate of cookies or something the next time I visit.

Life is an adventure that must be experienced. I firmly believe it’s a journey of learning. And I fully believe that it’s important to make the best of it and embrace it. Don’t sit in the window and watch life pass you by, go out and drink in what the world has to offer.

It’s all good.