Bid On This.

What has happened to ebay? Browsing through the famous auction site used to be like walking through someone’s garage sale; you’d take your time to browse and perhaps find a treasure that someone else thought was just junk. You’d offer some money for the item, niceties would be exchanged and they’d get the money for their junk while you’d add another item to your collection of stuff.

It used to be so simple.

These days it’s like being forced to go through your local Wal*Mart (Always White Trash, Always) while sober. Lights flash, ads play, snipers bid at the very last possible second, squashing any chance of you winning an item because you can’t press ENTER fast enough, people are downright nasty in their e-mails and nearly illiterate people type questions and answers in all capital letters while mangling the English language in an astounding number of ways.

I sold my HP laptop on ebay. I will admit that I neglected to include the remote control that came with the computer when I shipped it so I am making good by shipping it out. On the other hand, I threw in a carrying case and a large amount of Windows based software that I have no use for. I didn’t charge for the software, I threw it in for free.

And the winner is still bitching about it, mainly because he can’t figure out how to work the computer and install the software I included with the auction. He also claims that the power connector was broken in which it wasn’t when it left here.

So here we are, 08 January 2008 and I am declaring it to the world in my typical “one extreme or another” fashion.

I’m done with ebay. Fin. Finito. It’s a wrap.


  1. I think I have only ever purchased one thing on e-bay. Lately when I even scanned it, it seemed to be more of a commercial site than a yard sale site.

    Bitching about not being able to figure out how to work a Windows-based pc? Go on! LOL! Ask him, “so what’s your point?”

  2. Hey babe, I’m with you. I considered myself the perfect seller, always going above and beyond, ususally taking a hit on shipping fees to keep them low, throwing in freebees, rushing to get items out the door that day or the next, but no matter how much I did for the sellers, I would still get shit and I finally gave up. Sorry for the assholeness of your buyer!

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