Passing Faith.

Irish Road Sign.

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Today has been about riding in the car. We were up relatively early this morning and headed to Limerick to return the tuxes/kilts. Limerick is a cool city with the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Its good to see a city without excessive suburban sprawl. And there’s been nary a Wal*Mart in sight.

Driving in Ireland is a considerably different experience than driving in the states. Of course there’s the whole drive on the left thing going on, which I felt very comfortable with the moment we left the rental lot and have relatively little difficulty with. The drivers here are very courteous. There are mostly narrow “country” roads that are flanked by stone fences and/or trees. There are also wide two lane roads that connect many towns. These are fun to drive because passing works like this. If the person in front if you realizes you want to pass, they pull somewhat into the shoulder and you just pass them. You just have to have faith that the vehicle coming at you in the other direction will also give you room to pass.

Ireland has motorways as well (they’re like interstates) and that’s what we took from Dublin into Northern Island. We drove through Belfast and now we’re in Coleraine and poised to visit the Giant’s Causeway tomorrow.