October 12, 2007


Last year the world was introduced to the television show “Heroes”, and it was good. Through creative writing and acceptable special effects, we were taken through the twists and turns of ordinary people with extraordinary powers who came together to try to save the world.

And it was good.

It is now season 2. And I really hate to say this, but “Heroes” ain’t doin’ it for me. I’m not enjoying the Mexican story arc, I’m not liking the Peter in Ireland story arc and now we have Niki back on the screen whining and crying. The week’s episode, the third of the season, didn’t make it to the TiVo in it’s complete form due to a wild thunderstorm during the original airing. Luckily, the screen stayed stable enough to reveal Uhura in New Orleans. Other than that, it was a mosh posh of dancing pixelated images that abbreviated the episode to 30 minutes. Normally I’d be freaked out about the interruption and trying to download the episode in it’s entirety, but I’m finding that I just don’t give a damn.

Oddly enough, I’m interested in only two shows thus far: “Las Vegas”, because it’s like television Cheese in a Can and it knows it, and “Private Practice”, because it has a good ensemble cast and what seems to be good writing, plus it has my babe Amy Brenneman on it. I am interested in “Pushing Daisies” and will be adding that to the TiVo as well.

I must be getting old, because I’m also contemplating adding the new “Price Is Right” onto our viewing schedule. For the first time in the 35 year history of the show, they rerecorded the theme song in stereo.

Weekend Prep.

In late 1999 I found this import CD in a record store in Albany. I was program director of Wow FM, “The Beat of Central New York” at the time and it somehow ended up in a fairly heavy rotation on the playlist (ooh, the powers I had with the title of Program Director.) The track was never released in the United States and it predates “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” by two years.

Here’s Kylie Minogue with “Spinning Around.” Kudos to those that can name the sample in the track.