October 2, 2007


Imagine my surprise when Time Warner sent a full cable crew, complete with bucket truck and hard hats, to our home only 45 minutes after the cross-eyed, twangy sounding tech and the four kids in the back of his truck left the premises.

Wow! Color me impressed.

The cable crew replaced everything aside from the cable that runs under the driveway (which is completely intact and passes all tests with flying colors), ripped out the booster that the tech installed three weeks ago, explained everything they did and gave me an internet experience that’s faster than passing gas after Burger King.

I am once again a happy geek and surfing at high speed, baby.

Bring on the porn news and family friendly entertainment.

Connect This.

I’m pretty dependent on the internet, especially when I’m in bachelor mode with Earl being away for work. The internet is my main source of entertainment. I chat with friends over iChat, I watch videos, I make videos, I read up on all things geekly and I get good sized dollops of news via the tubes we call the ‘net.

It’s not nice to fool with my internet connection.

A couple of weeks ago our high speed internet connection over cable (RoadRunner) died. The Fine Folks At Time Warner promptly sent a tech out to our home 72 hours later. Said tech had no testing equipment that worked with him, so he put a signal booster on our cable, said a prayer to the cable gods and viola, instant mediocrity which he said was the fastest experience they could provide. He was cute, but he was a liar.

Don’t mess with the geek.

On Sunday the internet started crapping out again (surprise!) so I made a call into Time Warner once again and made them adhere to my schedule; send someone out after my work hours. They promised a tech after 5 p.m. today. He called at 2:45 and wanted to know where I was.

It’s not nice to fool with my internet connection.

Slightly irritated but pleasant nonetheless, I coaxed him into coming after 5 p.m. He said he’d be here at 5. He arrived at 6:30.

“There’s nothing I can do”, said the cross-eyed, twangy sounding tech. He then ran out the front door to calm the four kids that were bouncing in the back of the service van. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

“Your tap runs under the driveway and you have your own private tap and we are not allowed past the tap.”

“There have been many techs here over the years and they’ve all climbed the poles. They used their ladders and everything.”, I retorted.

He threw a bit of a hissy fit, as only a cross-eyed twangy sounding tech can do. That’s when our sometimes working connection died completely.

He then packed up to leave.

“Uh, it’s not working at all, you need to undo what you just did.”

A few more hisses and fits and it was once again cooking with blazing mediocrity.

“I just called in to the dispatch center and they’re going to send a line crew. They’ll probably have to tear up your driveway but we’ll get your internet going right fast.”, he said.

Earl is simply going to kill me if there’s a ditch across the driveway when he gets home tomorrow night.


Diggin’ the 60s vibe of this song always puts me in a good mood.

From 1969, it’s “Grazin’ In The Grass” by The Friends of Distinction.


Earl has been out of town for the past two nights. He was expected home this evening, but during last night’s call he let me know that he’ll have to spend tonight out of town as well.

This kind of has me bummed. It also has me thinking.

Since he’s out of town tonight and tomorrow night he has a sleep study for his sleep apnea and then on Thursday he’s out of town again, I’m rethinking out overnight plans we have for this coming weekend. We were going to go to Buffalo for the last half of a bear run but now I’m thinking that might be a bit much, especially for him.

Maybe I’m getting old.

I guess we’ll have to discuss it tonight.

I think I’m starting to kick into hibernation/homebody gear in tandem with the color change on the trees and the cooler temperatures. For the past 24 hours or so I’ve been really in the mood to bake a pie. I’m in the mood for stew. I want to eat some squash.

Interesting that my thoughts of autumn gravitate to food.