October 18, 2007

My Space.

You know, I can’t say that I get the MySpace thing. I mean, I know what it’s for and what you’re suppose to do on there but some of the profile pages make me go “gak”. There’s such a wild assortment of mismatched colors with lots of noise blaring out of speakers and flashing beacons that could induce epilepsy in a boulder. Quite frankly, I don’t really take the site seriously but there’s a lot of people (especially my fellow students at school) that do so I suppose I should pay some attention to it. At least it lets me feel hip.

So I have a profile on myspace. Is it myspace, MySpace or My Space? There’s not a lot of dirt on my profile, nor is it particularly juicy, but it’s there in the glorious default style under my online persona. At least having a profile gives me the ability to show Earl who the cute guy in the back of the classroom is (after I play “elimination” by watching the attendance sheet, he says batting his eyes innocently.)


I am just arriving home after taking my first final exam of the semester. Today’s foray into testing was for my “Health and Wellness” course. As a half-semester class, we get to squeeze a final into the flurry of midterms.

My initial reason for taking this course was to sidestep being the overweight father figure dressed in a pair of shiny workout shorts in a sea of buff, teenage male muscleheads and still make my physical education requirements. I figured the course would be like the health classes we all had to take in high school and in many ways it was just as I had imagined. The professor was the soccer coach, was usually dressed in coach attire (complete with a whistle around his neck) and somewhat resented the fact that he had a class of students that were trying to get out of physical exercise for their physical education requirements. On the whole I enjoyed his presentation style, preparedness for the class and the relatability of the topics to real life.

Surprisingly, this course turned out to be my favorite course of the semester. And I find this a little odd for several reasons. First of all, it has nothing to do with my major. Always looking for signs from the Universe, this aspect concerns me a little bit and leaves me to do some thinking about the path that lies ahead. Secondly, because I really enjoyed the class I managed to drag myself, on time, to this 8 a.m. course twice a week. I made it to every class and I think I might have been one of a very small number of students with perfect attendnace. Night owls usually don’t make it to 8 a.m. class.

So now I’m well versed in a smattering of health related topics. And I feel good about it.