With today being observed as Columbus Day here in the states I didn’t have school today. I figured it would be the perfect day to catch up on my homework and get my scholarly affairs in order. Tomorrow we pretend it’s Monday at school to make up for the day off. It’s all very scholarly.

I really chose a sucky schedule this semester. Actually, I’m hoping that I chose a sucky schedule because the alternative would be that I’m not cut out for what I’m studying for and I’m not prepared to make that judgment yet.

Anyway, the professor gave us a handout entitled “Trigonometry” with the simple instructions, read it and do these exercises: 2, 28, 44, 194, 30, 36, 61 and 202. You think they’d be in numeric order but no, there they are in a seemingly random order, which works well with the handout, as the exercises are numbered equally as randomly.

I figured two hours would be enough to get this assignment done. I’m such a fool. I didn’t factor into the equation another variable: said handout is a print out of a webpage and he printed it out in color, and then photocopied everything in black and white, so highlighted phrases and all the figures and diagrams are missing from the packet.

How long ago did I accuse my professors for not giving a flip as to what their handouts contained? Chalk this up to the “they don’t give a damn” column.

Luckily, he used Internet Exploder Explorer to print out this lesson, so I was able to see the address of the site and look up the diagrams and key phrases he conveniently left off of the paper.

I feel bad for my fellow students that might not have a computer at home.

I should have become a porn star. Then I would just have to worry about inches.