Bionic Upgrade.

So today I went for my annual physical for the first time in two years. Dr. Lance, as we like to call him, is looking as good as ever. He was cordial and friendly and more importantly, very prompt as he entered the examination room. I had only been waiting one or two minutes. It’s a nice change of a pace from today’s lazy state of affairs.

Basically I’m holding up pretty well. My pulse is good in all my extremities. (He checks my pulse in my ankle like Dr. Bombay!) My reflexes kick well (I hate getting my reflexes tested for some reason) and my tongue still allows me the ability to say “ah”. He took my blood pressure twice, it’s a little high this time around. He wants me on blood pressure medicine for a little while. I was on blood pressure medicine back in the early oughts and it did fairly well. Earl kind of treats it like some sort of distemper shot as he says I’m calmer when I’m on it. My numbers were 134/94. Not overly high but a little high. It runs in the family so I guess that’s to be expected. On the other hand, Dr. Lance is rather hot so that could be a reason for having high blood pressure.

I have to do the usual fasting and ensuing blood work on Monday. I have to have a chest xray just to be sure of something, but I don’t know what it is. He said everything sounds good. I opted to do the non-fasting required blood work today. I’ll have those results in a week. I hope the black and blue mark from the lab tech is gone by then. The rest of the blood work involves cholesterol and sugar levels. He says that runs in the family and he expects my numbers to be high. Such the optimist.

The bionics upgrade from 2005 is holding well and he is pleased by that. Well he seemed pleased. I certainly am. That problem that hung around for 30+ years is well behind me now. Now things just hang nicely.