1. As an ex-member of college adjunct faculty, I very much endorse your rant. Your instructors are not only not setting a good example and not showing you courtesy and respect as adult students, they are setting up a scenario for rebellion by the students.

    Permit me another rant against those who were my peers. On the first day of class hand out a (well-formatted) syllabus, course topic outline, and a course requirements outline that has been well thought out and well formulated – and stick to it. The students deserve to know from day one what is required of them and what they will be doing in the class. No surprises.

  2. Ouch. I very much loathe Times New Roman, it’s quite possibly almost as bad as Comic Sans.

    When I was doing my CIPD the thing that anoyed me was presentations HAND DRAWN on one of those desk projectors where you used acetates. What is *that* about? Especially when we had to do presentations using PowerPoint. Glad though that you’re hitting their expectations and more!

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