I have been a computer user for quite a few years. Well, more than quite a few years. Actually you can count my computer use time in decades. I’ve been playing with computers since 1983 and I had my first online account in 1985. I’ve been online ever since.

During these years I’ve had a wide selection of internet names. “DJ JP”. That’s too short, I can’t use it to register for anything new these days. “BlueMarvel37”. Wanting to be just BlueMarvel, there’s already a bunch of BlueMarvels out there and quite frankly, I see myself as the only BlueMarvel so I’m not going to append a number to the end of my name. I even tinkered with “J.P. 2.0”, but the dots and the dashes must come too close to resembling morse code or something because half the websites I register with won’t take that for a screenname/username/handle.

Many of my friends have one internet name that they use across the board. My friend Eric has the same name whether he’s on Yahoo, MSN or AOL, as well as various other message boards. I’ve decided that I need to have just one name across the board. So I’ve changed my username on Flickr, AOL/AIM, YouTube, Yahoo, all over the place.

Introducing… iMachias.

I’m a Mac fanboy through and through and since I tend to use formal names when referring to people (I call my friend in Connecticut Gregory instead of the more common Greg, for example), I figure Machias is like a formal name for a Mac fanboy. At least in my hyperdrive curious little mind. So I’ve settled on iMachias. It’s not common, there’s no number appended to the end, I’m the only iMachias that I’ve run across.

So if you have me as BlueMarvel37 or or anything like that on any message board or instant messenger, I won’t see you anymore. It’s full speed ahead with iMachias.