September 29, 2007


Back in 1990 or so when I was first DJing this song was quite popular. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear samples of “How Soon Is Now” by the Smiths, which was also sung by the group Love Spit Love and featured in the opening credits of the television series “Charmed”.

Here’s “Hippychick”, by Soho.


Earl and I have been doing chores around the house, readying for something that hasn’t occurred here in a while. He’s going to be traveling for work most of the week. Always attentive to my needs, Earl went grocery shopping this morning to make sure that I would have enough food and water to last the next few days.

The cat and I have something in common.

While I’m naturally a loner, and as I was recently remarking to my friend Greg, I’m not that much of a “people person” (I think I said, “I don’t like people”, which may have been a little extreme), I don’t like being in the house alone without Earl.

Apparently, I like the use of commas, however.

It was just a few years ago that Earl would spend entire weeks in the fine state of Ohio, at least he’s only gone for a couple of days starting tomorrow afternoon. It’ll give me a good excuse to make sure my homework is up-to-date and to start the novel I have to do a research paper about: “My Antonia” by Willa Cather. If anyone wants to share their thoughts on this novel I’d love to hear them.