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Hartford, Connecticut.

Earl and I are parked in Hartford, Conn. for the evening. We are meeting up with my one of my best friends from high school, Scott, and his partner Mark. Tonight we are going out for dinner and drinks and then tomorrow we are going to “Out In The Park” at Six Flags in Agawam.

Aside from bumping into each other at the True Colors concert in Boston back in June, Scott and I have not seen each other since December 1988. It’s going to be wicked cool catching up on what’s transpired over the past 19 years or so.

It’s time to go get prettied up.

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  1. When I read the first line, I was on the floor laughing, because my reaction when I saw the title of your post via RSS was not far from it. To me Hartfor IS a parking lot. All of CT is a parking lot! My younger son went to college in Boston. Our route from home to Boston (shortest line) was diagonally thru CT. That lasted one semester. We would get to CT and STOP! On.the.thruway. In.traffic. Where.speed.is.65. We soon learned that it was far quicker to zip up the NT thruway along the Hudson to Albany and shoot across the entire length of the MassPike and to avoid CT altogether. (End of mildly amused rant.)

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