Camping Recap.

Rest Area.

Well Earl and I are back from our first camping weekend of the season at Hillside. This weekend’s theme was “Bears In The Woods 1”. We’ll be back for the sequels this season.

We survived the planned power outage just fine by groping our way through the woods with wild abandon. The relative lack of light actually made the campground feel a little more “tribal” which I find to be a good thing when you’re camping in the woods.

The weather was picture perfect for most of the weekend. Today was the only day of rain, when Mother Nature made her presence known with an impressive thunderstorm. Earl and I had the camper packed up in just in time; we were able to keep everything relatively dry. We have our set up and knock down procedures down to a science.

Last night we had dinner with 1st Earl and our friends on “Utica Way”. There’s not a lot of people from my “past” that I would give the time of day to, let alone sit down and break bread with, but we enjoyed dinner with 1st Earl. He’s a good guy, plus he makes a fierce Chicken Marsala.

Our friends Sean and Jeffrey are no longer “Hillside virgins” and seemed to have had a delightful time. Sean can rip up a dance floor like few I’ve seen before. We made a lot of new friends (hi guys!) this weekend and hung out with old friends (hi guys!) as well. It was good to be back in the groove again.