Reimagine This.

The more I think about this reimagining of “Bionic Woman” coming to NBC this fall, the angrier I get. I know that there are much more pressing issues going on in the world today, but I am really angry about this latest reimagining of a classic television series. I’m not just angry, I am “they canceled Judging Amy” angry.

I understand and accept the fact that I am no longer part of the coveted 18-34 demographic that controls much of what we see on various media outlets. At nearly 39 years old, my vote and money no longer matter. I’m no longer hip, I’m no longer “cool” in the eyes of the Hollywood pocketbooks. I accept that.

I also accept the fact that Hollywood has apparently “gone dry” on ideas and imagination and now the best they can do is rehash something that was once good. However, apparently it wasn’t good enough though because they can make it better. I am still terrified to see what they’re going to do to “Bell, Book and Candle”, originally starting James Stewart and Kim Novak (among a bunch of other greats) in the late 1950s and now being “reimagined” for Alicia Keys in the starring role.

This new “Bionic Woman” is the latest casualty in a long line of Hollywood WTFs. I don’t have a problem with the fact that they’re creating a new bionic series. NBC has a hit in “Heroes” and they’re naturally going to play that to the hilt and add sci-fi shows all over the place. They’ve apparently never heard the phrase “Too much of a good thing.”

However, If the online sneak peeks are any indication, the producers are going much darker and more violent in this new series. I guess that’s to be expected, considering all the violence and such we see all over television these days. Plus, they need to keep up with the times, and the world is certainly a darker place today.

Here’s what I have a problem with: the character is named Jaime Sommers. And that’s the only thing that’s similar to the original “The Bionic Woman”. Lindsay Wagner won an Emmy for her portrayal of Jaime. She created a likeable character that is a permanent part of classic television. NBC is simply riding the coattails of the success of the original (no confidence in the new concept?), and Lindsay’s hard work, by naming the character Jaime Sommers. Since this new show is a decidedly different show, there’s no reason to name the character the same as the original. They should ADD to the “Bionic Universe”, not start it over from scratch. Acknowledge what has been by creating their own character with her own quirks and personality. As it currently stands, they’re basically slapping fans of the original version across the face and saying “Your version sucked, so it needs to be forgotten. Ours is better. *This* is Jaime Sommers.”

So I am boycotting the new “Bionic Woman” until they change the name of the main character. They can name her anything else. Just don’t call her “Jaime Sommers”. Oh, and I’m going to be really loud (but not tedious in the blog) about the fact that I am boycotting this show.

Oh, I have one other demand. They’ve got to bring back the bionics sound effect.