May 26, 2007

Hot Water.

Ask any person on the street on what they like most about staying in a hotel and the answer will vary from person to person. Some like the idea of staying away from home. Others like that they’ve broken the routine and enjoying the fact they’re not sleeping in their own bed.

I like the supply of endless hot water.

I like my showers and baths hot. I love hot water. I know they say that you should use warm water instead of hot water, because hot water ages your skin prematurely. I don’t care. I love the heat of the hot water and I love the feeling of a good steam cleaning.

When the builders of our current home installed the plumbing they were obviously high from pipe joint compound. I’ve seen bigger hot water tanks in Barbie’s Dream House. We have a jacuzzi tub that is best filled by boiling water in the spaghetti pot on the stove and then dumping it into the tub while it’s filling from the tap because there’s only enough hot water to barely cover the jets. Showers in our home last no more than 10 minutes unless you want to switch to what I call the “Ice Follies”. Wash, rinse and repeat quickly or else you’ll feel like a polar bear before you finish the “repeat.”

Someday we’re going to fix this problem.

So in the meantime, when we’re traveling I revel in the fact that we have virtually unlimited hot water available. I wash, rinse and repeat and sometimes I “repeat” twice. I just stand under the shower head and let the hot water soften every nook and cranny of my body just because I can. I sometimes accompany the experience with a few “oohs” and “aahs” in an audible manner. This probably doesn’t please Al Gore but I figure with all the hot water that we’re not using at home (because we run out), Mother Earth owes me a few shreds of luxury from time to time.

Fun In The Park.

Nothing says “it’s a festive Memorial Day weekend” like a bunch of gay bloggers congregating in Central Park on “Bear Hill” (near the Sheep Meadow) for the sweet sounds of disco and the likes of Roller Grandma, Bladee and Bottlehead.

“Bear Hill” is situated over what looks to be the impromptu roller rink. Many guys get together Saturday afternoons throughout the summer, today a bunch of us out-of-town bloggers joined in the fun.

The festivities included chatting, eating (let’s hear it for cheese in a can!) and socializing with the guys. I really like talking face to face with those that I peer into the life of via their blogs. I find it all so fascinating.

Earl was kind enough to take a picture when we were doing group shots. There’s quite a few new guys on the blogroll (to your right), you’ll probably see more additions to the list over the weekend.



Originally uploaded by bluemarvel.

Tonight was the kickoff of NYC:GB4 in the Big Apple. We went to the get together at “Therapy”, a newer gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen. I don’t know why I get nervous about these things, I chatted with folks that I’ve been reading about (via blog) for years and had a grand old time.

Here’s Earl with Glennalicious and Mike. Earl had to remind me about Mike’s name. Blame the beer.