Chopstick Dreams.

It’s a little after 5 a.m. and I’ve given up trying to sleep until the alarm is scheduled to jar me awake in a little while. You see, I made a bad dietary choice last night and that, coupled with some non-blog worthy events of yesterday, made “J.P. TV” very, very active last night. I think I’ve been awake since 3:45 a.m. or so. That’s when Earl awoke me as I was apparently sleepwalking and trying to walk through a wall.

We’ll blame the Chinese take-out we had last night on my disorientation.

Have you ever laid in bed and just wanted to scream “STOP” at all the dreams and memories that are flooding your brain when you’re trying to get back to sleep? Last night I dreamed of people I haven’t thought about in over 30 years. Where do these thoughts come from? I dreamed about the babysitter that scolded me for wanting to play with my sister and her friends instead of playing with toy soldiers with her maladjusted heathens (I think they’re in jail now).

I relived every second, in slow motion for twice the fun, of the car accident we were in back in February 1978 and the sadness I felt when I heard my mom and sister crying in the front seat, but the relief I felt at the same time because they were crying and that meant they were still alive.

I visited with an older husband and wife named Sam and Irma who must be really old by now and may have passed on, though I’m not quite sure about that since I haven’t seen them since 1976. They owned a farm not far from where I grew up and were friends of some of our distant relatives. They also had the brother of our childhood dog Sunshine. They seem to be doing well whereever they are. They were always nice.

Chinese food plus half of an episode of “Medium” really made for some interesting fodder for my dreams and nightmares last night. Let’s hope I don’t fall asleep on my desk at work today.

And let’s hope I don’t try to walk through a wall again.