Secret Rendezvous.

Last Tuesday I was busy at work when my cell phone honked indicating that I had received a text message. I usually save my text messaging for after work hours, so I knew that something was up when my phone dinged in. The message was simple:

“Holy shit dad is getting married on sun call me”

The message was from my sister. Apparently she had spoken with my father and learned of some joyful family news. Luckily it was just before lunchtime, so I took the opportunity to call her during lunch. She told me that Dad and his girlfriend Karen had decided to get married and they were ready to do it over the coming weekend. They didn’t want any fuss and they didn’t want anyone to know that they were getting married so that there would be a huge party or anything like that. They would appreciate it if we didn’t tell anyone of their news.

So Sunday evening, Earl and I and my sister Jennifer went to Dad and Karen’s wedding. It was a beautiful, simple ceremony at the church Karen and her son have attended since moving to this area around 10 years ago. Their closest friends, people Jennifer and I have known all our lives, stood along side them as they exchanged their vows as we sat in the pews watching, praying and wishing them well. There was no organ music, there was no procession down the aisle; the simplicity added to the beauty.

Afterwards we all went to dinner in the historic village of Sackets Harbor, which is located near where the St. Lawrence Seaway and the 1000 Islands meet Lake Ontario. The food was delicious, the conversation was lively and the smiles were beaming.

It was truly a wonderful evening. I’m glad I don’t have to keep the secret any longer. I’m not that good at it.

And now I’m the red headed stepchild of the family.